$3.00 Dinner - Edamame Parmesan Chicken Pasta

Thursday, December 15, 2011

  $3.00 Dinner  }

  Edamame Parmesan Chicken Pasta }

There are 4 things that I am certain of in life right now.

#1. I love BigBear
#2. I love my Pups
#3. I love cooking, baking and writting about food
#4. I'm Poor

Man.... that sucks. It kinda sucks to say that,.....ok it really really sucks but at least I can admit it. 
It didn't use to be like that. 

Between hubby getting out of the military and his back problems, to him trying to go back to school, to him trying to find a job, I've been working again trying to make ends meet. I've been reading the news a lot about the average person, how much they make and how it's getting harder and harder to make it. I agree. Because most of these "average" people are making a heck of a lot more than I am.

I use to take money for granted, normal spending use to be on things like manicures and getting my hair done. Buying new outfits for summer and winter. Eatting at nice restaurants and going to the movie.
Somethings that are not normal anymore, this things are a luxury to us now.

But even with the lack of funds, I still think it's important to be able to feed myself and BigBear foods that are tasty, good for us (sometimes haha), and dont' always come out of a box or freezer section.

So the majority of any extra money I get goes to food.

And sometime I do get to splurge on things to make awesome meals.

One of the reason's I love being a part of the foodie community, is that I've learned so much about food, and cooking, learned tips and tricks and gathered ideas that will last me a life time.

But a lot times I have no money to "splurge" on food.
(makes food blogger a little hard haha)

So what about when I am a few days from payday, hungry and super broke?

Eat as cheaply as possible, that's what. haha

So for Under $3.00 and for 3 ingredients I bring to you:

 Edamame Parmesan Chicken Pasta

OOO and did I mention that this is about 345 to 350 calories per serving :)

That's almost the same as those boxed frozen meals but taste so much better.

(I am aware that some people will not want to eat chicken from a can... I get it... I really really do.... sometimes you just have to do what ya gotta do lol)

What I used and Price:

Pasta Roni Parmesan Cheese Noodles -- $1.00
PictSweet Edamame -- .98 cents
Walmart Chuck Chicken Breast (rinses and drained) -- .98 cents

so... yeah.. it's not really a recipe... more like an idea.

Edamame Parmesan Chicken Pasta

Makes 2 Servings

Pasta Roni Parmesan Cheese Noodles 
Edamame beans (I used the kinda that you heat in the microwave from PictSweet)
Walmart Chuck Chicken Breast (rinses and drained) 

Salt, Pepper, Parsley

What to do:

Heat the Edamame and remove from the pods.

Open Chicken and Rise and drain.

Prepare the Pasta Roni according to the box's directions.

Before the sauce thickens add the chicken and edamame.

Stir and let sauce thicken.

Add salt, pepper and parley if desired.