Food Blog Forum Orlando Disney Trip {Part Two}

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{  Food Blog Forum Orlando Disney Trip {Part Two} }

If  you've been following along, you know that I was able to go to Walt Disney World a few weekends ago for an amazing Food Blogger Conference put together by some amazing people from Food Blog Fourm!

I spent 4 days in the magical world of Disney, learning how to make my blog better, networking with a group of inspiring food blogger, and sampling some down right scrumptious foods!

I covered Friday and Saturday of the trip in this post: Food Blog Forum Orlando Disney Trip {Part One}

That  included our Welcome Reception at  Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, the conference at Epcot, lunch provided by Walt Disney World and the St. Patrick's Day Dessert Party with the Epcot Illuminations!!

Now, I want to share Sunday with you! It was packed full!

Sunday we had to check out of the Polynesian Resort, bright and early to head over to Whole Foods in Orlando for brunch! Yes, Whole Foods hosted a brunch for a group of food bloggers, and they did not disappoint! You know, I never knew how much companies loved food bloggers until I went on this trip. Disney and Whole Foods were so excited to be working with us. It was wonderful!

Back to the brunch. :)

Anybody that gives me Chocolate truffles for breakfast is a friend of mine!

This yogurt bar was  something new to me, but it's a great idea! I can see myself using this idea for brunch in the future!

Sweet and Savory Items lined the tables for our brunch. Do you see that Banana Stuffed French Toast up there? Yes, that was just a tiny piece of banana heaven in a bowl!


I did manage to grab a few pictures with some of the great people that were there!

Left to Right:
#1. Amanda (Amanda's Cookin) and I
#2. Angie (Bakerella), Myelf, and Jenny (Picky-Palate)
#3. Myself and Denise (Creative Kitchen)

After Brunch, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom. I had not been to Disney as an adult until now, but it is just as wonderful as I remembered!

How pretty are those balloons!


We walked down Main Street USA taking in all of the sights, and after watching the end of one of the parades, we slipped into the Main Street Confectionery to check out some of the Disney goodies!

 Look at those Minnie Mouse Apples!

Cinderella's Castle and Walt Disney with Mickey!

The castle is so pretty! I loved the murals inside!

While we were at the Magic Kingdom I only had two rides that were on my "Must Do List". Peter Pan's Flight and The Haunted Mansion. Peter Pan is my favorite Disney Movie ever and with the Haunted Mansion being "Haunted", yeah... I loved it!

Parades, Parades Everywhere! We settled down in Frontierland for a bit and had "front row seats" to the  Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade. I will admit I did tear up a little during the parade because BigBear wasn't there to watch it with me :(. One day BigBear, One day!

And what do you know, by time we rode a few more rides and had a mickey mouse ice cream, there was a show going on in front of Cinderella's Castle.

After a long day of being at the park, we hopped onto the water ferry and rode back over to the Polynesia Resort, were we had been staying, for dinner. 

'Ohana. This place was quite the happening spot! Lucky for us, since there were only the two of us, we managed to get in with only a five minute wait. A short, easy wait for the feast that we were getting ready to have!

They started us off with salad and bread. Everything is served family style here, so huge bowls of food everywhere. Then we were served noodles, chicken wings, grilled chicken, pork, steak and veggies. And do you know that after all of the food, they still insisted that we have dessert? Holy Moly! Coconut Banana Bread Pudding **with some kind of Caramel Sauce! (That's the middle picture up there!) It was so, so good. As in I'm not even sure I have words to describe it. But since I couldn't share it with Big Bear, I came home and made my own version of it. (Pineapple Banana Bread Pudding with Banana Caramel Sauce)
Yep, it was that good. I had to recreate it within a week of being home.

I've only got a little more to share with you from my Disney Trip. Mainly Downtown Disney :) Since this post is so very full of photos already, I'll save that for another day.

If you missed Part One of my trip, you can check that out here.

A HUGE Thank You to Jaden, ScottDiane, Todd , DawnJulie and Walt Disney World  for everything that you all did to bring together such a wonderful event!

There are so many wonderful recaps written from the bloggers who attended Food Blog Forum – Orlando 2012. So much food, beautiful photography and stories!