Moving, Packing and MixedCon

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I debated on if I should even write a post this week. I normally have a recipe with every post that I do here on the blog, but well...sometimes I just don't have one to share. I mean I have a ton to share really, just none that I have to share right now. You see my kitchen is packed away in moving boxes.

BigBear and I have been married for almost six years and in those six years we have moves six times. (That's not including the move I did before we got married) Yikes. I'm tired of moving. After this move I don't want to move again for a very, very, very long time. I really want to stay here for quite a few years!

Not only are we packing up our current house, we are also working on the "new" house. We've been scrubbing floors and walls, BigBear and his cousin Levi sanded all the floors, paint has gone on the walls and there still seems to be 1000 things we need to do before moving in.

Paint... let's talk paint. Since we're on the subject of moving, my brain is flooded with images of moving boxes, brooms, mops and paint. So much paint. lol  This is the first time I have been able to pick out paint for my house. Ever. We've never been anywhere long enough to justify painting the walls, but since we're doing all this work to the new house anyways, might as well get the paint done! I picked out my colors from Home Depot. Was so proud of myself for getting everything we needed. BigBear and Levi painted the walls and they only kinda/semi look like the paint swatch I picked out. I blame it on the lights. Some rooms look like the right colors... some of the rooms are more of a pinkish/peach color. :( All I wanted was to have neutral colored walls. Is that to much to ask?!?!

 But you know, whatever. They're clean looking, somewhat neutral, unless you can see the pinkish tint... and the first person to pick on the walls is going to get punched in the throat. :)

These are the paint colors I picked out. Tea & Honey for Most every room. I swear it wasn't this pink/peach when I picked it out. Marshmallow White for the trim. Granite Grey for the kitchen and I'm thinking of using glitter white paint for the stencil in there. Shhhhh BigBear will never know! Well he won't know till after I'm finished and then what? He'll be like.... "oh lord" and forget about it in 5 second lol as he goes off to his new man cave. Yes, our new house has a man cave haha, so the kitchen is all mine :)

I hope the greyish color I picked out for the kitchen looks like the paint swab. I've decided that since there isn't much to paint in the kitchen, wall-wise that I'm going to paint them gray and then later I'll put a white/light silver stencil design on them. Kind of like this. A lot of work I think, but I'll be worth it. I think... *fingers crossed*

The candle and card our landlord left for us :)
Oh and did I mention that I have to have my entire part done by Thursday night... that gives me tonight and tomorrow night to finish packing the house up. Fun Times. Why by Thursday night? Because Friday I'm leaving for Mixed. (even thought I have 100,000 things going on, I'm super stoked about this)

We were originally suppose to move in last weekend, so it wasn't going to be a big deal that I was going to be gone. But since we had a few bumps in the road with the new house, we won't be getting in until this weekend. So BigBear and some of our amazing friends and my family will be getting all of our stuff from one house to the other. That means that I'll probably be doing all of the unpacking :)

In non-moving related news, our big outside dog dog Chloe got a little to comfortable with a stray doggie and is now the proud mother of 3 little boogers. Good thing our new house has a fenced in back yard. As soon as she's done nursing (or as soon as the vet says it's ok) we're getting her fixed. Sorry "Chlo Moe".

Ontop of all that I still have my regular 9 hours work days everyday this week (except for friday woot woot). So yeah.. someone pass the coffee and candy bars. I just need enough energy to get me through until Sunday Night.