Mixed Con #mixedcon #timeofmylife - Pembroke, VA

Friday, December 7, 2012

I know it's been kind of quite around the blog lately. I've been trying to keep active on Twitter and Facebook, but with no internet at the new house right now, I must say it's been a bit difficult. We're finally all moved in but I'm still waist high in boxes to unpack. I took Monday off and unpacked the whole kitchen (um.. yes.. it literally took me and my sister in law ALL day Monday to do it). The rest of the boxes were suppose to get unpacked this week after work each day but I've only had about 100 deadlines to meet this week and I do believe we had guest over every night this week to see the new house. haha.

My world has been upside down in a tornado since last weekend pretty much... in a good kinda crazy way :). Last Friday I finished packing our house for the move, packed my bags, got into my car and started the three hour drive to the Mountains for Mixed. This was the first year for Mixed and it was so much fun! It was a wonderful food blogger conference that was put together by Paula of bell'alimento and Susan of Doughmesstic! These two ladies did an AMAZING job with everything! *Thank you so much!!*

Friday afternoon after a little drive into the mountains, I arrived at the Mountain Lake Hotel. You know what this place is right? Right? It's where they filmed (most of) Dirty Dancing. Um.. if you don't know what Dirty Dancing is, I fear that we can not be friends. It's only one of the best moves EVER and YES, we got to stay in the Real "Kellerman's Resort". So, so cool!

After the giddy excitement (that I hope no one noticed lol) of pulling up to the hotel like they did in the movie, I went to check it. Wouldn't you know it, going to a hotel that's hosting a Food Blogging conference is just like going into a hotel that is full of your very best friends and family! Even if you've never met some of these bloggers in person, it's like you already know them! Not to mention food bloggers do get extremely excited over seeing other food bloggers haha, like squeals and "OH my GOSH how are you!?!?"'s were flooding the hallways. I checked-in and had a chance to meet my roommates for the weekend. It's was so nice to actually get to meet Brandi of BranAppetit (in real life) and her sister Melissa! Best Roommates ever! 

My weekend at MixedCon was filled with classes (so I can be a better and awesome blogger), cookie decorating (with the sweet and talented Marian of Sweetopia), cake decorating (with the cake master himself Duff Goldman, parties, candy (Hershey was a sponsor) , drinks (Crown Royal and Captain Morgan were there too), movies and tons of wonderful friends. 

I also learned more about Photography from Bree of Baked Breefood styling from Tami of Running with Tweezers, video blogging / video making with Lenny and Denise of Chez Us and we even had an ebook class with Heidi of Foodie Crush!! (Have you seen the ebooks that Heidi designs? They are beautiful! She just recently did one for Maria of Two Peas and Their Pod that I bought on "Cyber Monday" and it's just, oo it's just so nice!

Marian of Sweetopia showed us a few tips and tricks for decorating sugar cookies. She is beyond talented when it comes to cookies! 

Aren't her cookies pretty! I will be making some of the Christmas tree cookies this year.
These are mine below. Not to bad, not bad. I loved the royal icing she used. It flowed a lot better than the Royal Icing I normally use. I think that's why I actually liked decorating these cookies.
Here is the Christmas Tree Tutorial on Sweetopia's Site. 

Along with cookie decorating, I also had a cake decorating session with Duff Goldman! We were provided with little while fondant covered cakes and a ton... I mean a TON of Duff brand cake decorating supplies. Fondant, edible glitter, rollers etc.

This is the cake that Melissa (Brandi's sister) and I made in the class. Turned out pretty cute and Duff even called it "adorable" haha :) (Melissa made all of those awesome blue snowflakes!)

Yes, I actually got to meet Duff and even had my picture taken with him! This was one of the highlights of my weekend!!!

I wish I had gotten some more pictures of everyone there! Kind of looks like I spend the whole weekend alone haha! Which was certainly not the case! With 100 food bloggers plus tons of sponsors there was no shortage of wonderful people to talk to and hang out with.

I loved getting to meet (in real life haha), Melaine from A Beautiful Bite (I've only been waiting FOREVER to meet her!)! Watching Dirty Dancing with Katie (  Katies Cucina), Melissa, Brandi (BranAppetit) and everyone was a hoot! Mixer Parties and Dinners with Krista (Budget Gourmet Mom), Chung-Ah (Damn Delicious), Janet (The Army Mom), Nikki (Nik Snacks), Lynda (Me and My Pink Mixer) really made the weekend unforgettable! (Oh and Thank you to my great roommate Melissa, for hanging out with me in all of the sessions haha, *Melissa will have a blog soon, but she doesn't have one just yet*)

I also had a chance to meet a few of my #SundaySupper crew members there as well!! Liz from That Skinny Chick can Bake, Kim from Cravings of a Lunatic, Jenni from Pastry Chef Online, Heather from Hezzi-D's Books and Cooks and Brandie from Home Cooking Memories!! So nice to meet you ladies!

*If I didn't list you I don't mean to forget you! If I listed everyone I meet and loved, I'd be here all day haha*

Thank you to all of MixedCon Sponsors and Speakers!!!
Giant Thanks to:
Dixie Crystals
Real Butter
Dreamfields Pasta
Attune Foods
Way Better Snacks
Lucky Leaf
Roland Food
Harvard Common Press
Le Creuset
Duff Goldman/Gartner Studios
Anderson Seafood
AND all of the helpers!

And Thank you Paula of bell'alimento and Susan of Doughmesstic for putting together this amazing weekend conference! I certainly "had the time of my life!" HUGS!

Oh my Gosh and Karyn from Pint Sized Baker did point out that I didn't even mention by huge gift basket that I won! I did infact win a huge (worth $300 I think) Gift Basket from Hershey! I don't know why I didn't think to put that in here! Thank You Hershey!!!

*Sorry for the Camera Photo, I didn't have much a chance at saving the basket from being attacked by my family lol, so no time to get out the big camera!* It was beautiful though!