Our 6th Wedding Anniversary and VIR

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 3, 2007Our Wedding Day

Last weekend BigBear and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. It does not seem like it's been six years. I feel like it's only been a few weeks since we got back from our honeymoon.

.Do marriages normally seem to fly by? I want to stop time or at least slow it down.
 I want to hold on to the moments for as long as possible.

This year for our anniversary  my brother, his girlfriend and my parents surprised us with a little weekend getaway to the VIR Villas. (If you don't know, VIR is the Virginia International Raceway)

BigBear and I don't normally go on "getaways". We're just now starting to financially be able to put away money for mini trips. So getting away for our anniversary never happens. 

It was so nice to be able to just relax all weekend. We had just a great time and I just wanted to share a little of the weekend with you. 

I didn't even know about the trip until Friday evening when BigBear came home from work and told me to start packing a bag haha. After he told me that we were going on a little mini vaca, I think I packed our bags in like 15 minutes. haha.

These are the Villas that we stayed in.

I was totally in love with them. I had never been out to the Villas, so they were a total surprise for me. They were so lovely. I would have moved into them in a heartbeat.

Sorry about the picture quality. I had not gotten the big camera out and was snapping about with my new camera phone. 

I want this kitchen! I love the fact that the kitchens have been amazing in the past two places we've stayed! This one wasn't quite as large at the Christmas Beach house one, but it was still beautiful! 

Hello amazing cloud bed and Jacuzzi tub. I love you to the moon and back. haha.

Getting ready for our dinner date was so much easier with all of this space! 

We spent most of the day relaxing and even got to watch a few cars on the race track. 

Our balcony had a wonderful view of the track. 

The orange Lotus was my favorite. :)

Look at how lovely it is! I want one!! :)

Of course there has to be some good food on this mini vacation. VIR has a restaurant on the property called "Oak Tree Tavern" and to make it even better, it's a gorgeous, restored, 1800′s plantation house. Anyone that knows me, KNOW how much I love this!

My family came down to join us for dinner as well. <3

Let me show you some of the food that we had. Everything looked so good that we all decided to order something different and then share a little.

Up First...........

Yes... Gator Bites. BigBear's choice. haha. This was the first time I'd ever tried gator. It didn't taste bad. Not to sound silly but it really did taste like chicken. Really moist chicken.

But the though that my "gator bite" might have been swimming in a swamp somewhere with it's sharp teeth and creepy eye at some point, made me decided that gator was not for me.

My main choice was "Pan-seared Lamb Chops". Again, another "first" for me. Have you had Lamp Chops before?

I need to learn to cook these! They were so, so good! *please excuse that awful camera photo haha* There was not a lot of light so I had to use that "awful flash" haha ;)

BigBear had Shimp and Grits, Dad had the steak, Mom ordered crabcakes, Adam decided on the Chicken Marsala and Meghan enjoyed the Baby Back Ribs. I did get to try everything and it was all delicious.

Then the dessert question was ask. I was going to use my willpower and skip dessert. The choices of "Chocolate Brownie and Strawberry ShortCake" were not hard to pass up.

But then when she named off the Crème brûlée, I knew I had lost the battle. It came to the table, I gladly shared ... I politely shared some of it and enjoyed it until the last bite was gone. 

Meghan and I at dinner <3

After dinner, we all headed over to the Pub to have a few cocktails, laugh and even shared a few ghost stories.... because we're odd like that ;) 

It was indeed a pretty fantastic way to celebrate our Anniversary <3