We're Back from Disney and Food Blog Fourm

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well, we have safely made it back home from a whirlwind trip to Florida and I just can't believe how amazing it was.

Well, I kind of can because I went last year but this trip was Thomas' first trip to Disney so it was almost like visiting for the first time. And *gasp* we got to stay at The Grand Floridian! It was beyond amazing!

Everyone did such an amazing job at putting everything together and I have a lot to share with you! Hopefully I'll have time in the next few days to get some re-caps together for you.

I always love being able to go to conferences, learn new things and hang out with other food bloggers. Some of these food bloggers have become wonderful friends and it's nice to actually see them face to face every few months!

I do believe that I ran myself crazy over the past 5 days though because I am absolutely exhausted! The drive home on Monday is still a blur to me. Thankfully hubby was wide awake and did most of the driving. I don't know what's wrong with me. Hopefully I'm not getting sick again. I've had enough of being sick! :)

But I'm off to make our grocery list, I've still got tons to unpack and lots of fun laundry to do........yippee! ;).

I'm so ready for next year's conference already!

And I've got a tiny little video for you! Using some tips I got from the conference! haha :)

Here are some more fun Food Blog Forum re-caps of this weekend: 
(Will be adding more as I find them, if you want your re-cap added fast add a link in the comments)

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