Loaded  Mac and Cheese Stuffed  Baked Potatoes

Calling all carb lovers!!! These Loaded Mac and Cheese Stuffed Baked Potatoes might be the best stuffed baked potatoes ever. Homemade Mac and cheese stuffed into a freshly baked potato is a carb lover’s dream come true!


WHAT YOU’LL NEED FOR LOADED MAC AND CHEESE STUFFED BAKED POTATOES : – Baked Potatoes – Olive Oil – Seasoning salt – butter – Mac and Cheese (my recipe below) – sour cream – Bacon Bits – Dried Parsley (optional) – & any other potato toppings you love

PERFECT BAKED POTATO TIP: Want your baked potatoes to look like the nice fully bowl shaped potatoes that restaurants serve? – Remove potatoes from oven and let sit until cool enough to touch. – Slice potatoes lengthwise, halfway through and use the palms of your hands to push the ends of the potato towards the center to open the potato. – Fluff inside of potato with a fork.

Would you leave your mac and cheese stuffed potato plain?

Or pile on the bacon and sour cream?

Grab the directions and recipes on Link Below!