Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chocolate Chip Banana Sweet Rolls #SundaySupper

Chocolate Chip Banana Sweet Rolls #SundaySupper |

I think that I'm starting to get over my hatred of breakfast. I still can't eat super early in the morning but as I start to experiment more with "breakfast type" foods, I think I may actually be ok with it. Well, I'm ok with it as long as I don't have to stick to bacon and eggs as my only breakfast choice!

These Chocolate Chip Banana Sweet Rolls are certainly a "breakfast type" food that I'd gladly have in the mornings!

Chocolate Chip Banana Sweet Rolls #SundaySupper |

I'm pretty much a chocolate and banana freak! I don't know why but I just love that combination. Oh and that paired with hot from the oven sweet rolls?! Oh My Gosh!

Chocolate Chip Banana Sweet Rolls #SundaySupper |

Now you don't have to use as much glaze as I did in the photos, but I did want those sweet rolls to be extra pretty for their pictures so I added a bit extra and topped them with some mini chocolate chips! (Who am I kidding? Yes, that amount of glaze is divine and you should totally do it like that haha)

Chocolate Chip Banana Sweet Rolls #SundaySupper |

So this is my first #SundaySupper in what seems like forever. To be honest I don't even remember the last time I did a #SundaySupper post! I just literally haven't had the time! Well I didn't really have the time to do it this week but I've missed it so much so I knew that I just had to squeeze the time in and participate!

#SundaySupper helps get my creativeness flowing and I need that desperately!

Chocolate Chip Banana Sweet Rolls #SundaySupper |

With today's #SundaySupper theme being Stuff, Roll and Wrap (hosted by Kimchi Mom) I knew that I had to share these Chocolate Chip Banana Sweet Rolls! (Not only are they amazing but they're homemade too!)

Chocolate Chip Banana Sweet Rolls
by: Angie Barrett 04/13/14                                                     (Click to Print)


For the Sweet Roll Dough:

4 cups whole milk
1 cup Vegetable Oil
1 cup sugar
2 packages Active Dry Yeast
8 cups all purpose flour

1 cup all purpose flour (this is to be used after the dough rises)
1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon salt
1/4 cup - 1/2 cup melted butter
1/4 cup granulated sugar

4 bananas, sliced thin
2 cups mini chocolate chips

For the Icing:

1 lb bag powdered sugar
1/2 cup whole milk
1/4 cup melted butter

In  medium pot, heat the milk, vegetable oil, and sugar over medium heat until scalding. Do not let it boil. 

One the mixture is hot, remove it from the heat. Let it cool until it is lukewarm; this should take about 30 minutes. Once the mixture is lukewarm, sprinkle the yeast in and let it sit (without stirring) it for 1-2 minutes. 

Next, stir in 8 cups of the flour. Stir extremely well, until everything is combined.

Cover with a kitchen towel and set the pot in a warm place for 1 hour to let the dough rise. 

After 1 hour, add 1 cup flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt. 

Stir well to combine.

Preheat the oven to 375°F.

Cut the dough down into 4 sections.

Working with 1 section at a time, lightly flour a flat surface and roll the dough into a large rectangle, roll the dough as thin as you can. 

Spread a little of the melted butter over the dough, using the back of a spoon to spread it out.

Sprinkle some of the sugar over the melted butter. Next, cover the dough with the thin banana slices and mini chocolate chips. 

Starting at (shortest) side closest to you, roll the dough tightly away from you, tucking the dough in as you roll.

Roll the dough log over so that the seam is face down. 

With a sharp knife, slice the dough every 2 or so inches. 

Lightly butter the baking dishes (I used Pie Plates & Cake tins)

Place the sliced rolls in the pans. One in the center and the rest around the edges. 

Now, do those steps again with the rest of the dough until all of the sweet rolls are in the pans.

You will want to let each pan of cinnamon rolls rest and rise for about 10 minutes before baking. 

Once the rolls have risen for about 10 minutes, place the rolls into the pre-heated oven and bake for about 15 - 20 minutes. 

While the rolls are baking, starting making Icing.

For the Icing:

 In a large bowl, whisk together the powdered sugar vanilla and milk. Add in the melted butter. Whisk until smooth.

Icing should be smooth and thick, but you should be able to pour it. 

Once the sweet rolls have finished baking, remove pans from the oven and immediately drizzle icing over the tops. 

Yields 4 pans of sweet rolls
Join us tonight at 7pm EST to chat about all types of recipes that are Stuffed, Rolled and Wrapped! Follow the hashtag #SundaySupper to join in! 

Chocolate Chip Banana Sweet Rolls #SundaySupper |
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Deco Mesh Wreaths

"Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hoppin' down the bunny trail, Hippity hoppin', Easter's on its way"

Easter Deco Mesh Wreaths |

Are Deco Mesh Wreaths still even a "thing" now? Are they still as popular as they once were? I remember last year, they were all the rage (well around here anyways). All of a sudden people were popping up with Deco Mesh Wreath stores online and the Farmers Markets and Craft Shows  were full of them!

Since I've started making them though, I haven't really been paying attention to them when I'm out and about so I'm not even sure if they're still "cool". I can't handle the crazy expensive price tags on some of those wreaths so I don't even bother to look at them anymore. Some of them around here sell for $100-$400!! Yikes!

Anyways, back to the Easter Wreaths that I wanted to show you!

So many people tell me that they need ideas when it comes to making Deco Mesh wreaths, so whenever I make a new one I like to show  it to ya'll so that if you're having a hard time thinking of a way to arrange something you can get some ideas!

I've made two Easter Wreaths so far this year; one for me and one for my mom. I think they both turned out super pretty!  I made them a few weeks ago and for once I can can actually enjoy some "holiday cheer" for longer than a week. hahaha.

Easter Deco Mesh Wreaths |

For My Wreath (Pictured at the top of this post and with details in the photo above) I used:

  • 1 Work Wreath Form ( 24 inch), store bought or homemade (click here to learn how to make one)
  • 20 - Blue Pipe Cleaners (for the wreath from ^)
  • 1 ( 21" x 10 yards) Metallic Blue Deco Mesh Roll  - From Hobby Lobby
  • 1 (5 1/2") Purple Deco Mesh Ribbon Roll - From Hobby Lobby
  • 1 (5 1/2") Green Deco Mesh Ribbon Roll - From Hobby Lobby
  • 1 Bunny Ear Headband - From Hobby Lobby (But I've seen  them at Dollar Store)
  • 1 metal carrot ornament - From Hobby Lobby
  • 2 styrofoam glitter bunnies - From Michaels 
  • 1 metal "Easter Greetings" Card - From Hobby Lobby
  • 1 yellow plush chick - From Dollar General
  • 12 Glitter Easter eggs - From Dollar General

When I'm out searching for "add-ons" for my wreaths, I pretty much check everywhere! You never know when you're going to find something that will be "just perfect" for your wreath.

Here is a list of places I normally check for deco mesh "add-ons":

  • Hobby Lobby
  • Dollar Store
  • Family Dollar
  • Dollar General
  • Michaels

For Mom's wreath I used:

Easter Deco Mesh Wreaths |

  • 1 Work Wreath Form ( 24 inch), store bought or homemade (click here to learn how to make one)
  • 20 - Purple Pipe Cleaners (for the wreath from ^)
  • 1 ( 21" x 10 yards) Purple Deco Mesh Roll  - From Hobby Lobby
  • 1 (5 1/2") Green Deco Mesh Ribbon Roll - From Hobby Lobby
  • 1 (5 1/2") Pink/Magenta Deco Mesh Ribbon Roll - From Hobby Lobby
  • 1 Roll Blue Sparkle Ribbon - From Hobby Lobby
  • 3 styrofoam glitter bunnies - From Michaels 
  • 1 wood "Happy Easter" Egg - From Hobby Lobby
  • 1 white plush bunny - From Dollar General
  • 12 Glitter Easter eggs - From Dollar General

Easter Deco Mesh Wreaths |

(Later on I did buy a pair of bunny ears for her wreath and just stuck them into the top area)

So those are my Easter Wreaths for this year!

If you're looking for detailed steps on how to make your very own Deco Mesh Wreath, I have a Step by Step Photo Tutorial here. It's a Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath BUT the technique is the same for all of the wreaths I make. 

What wreath theme should I make next?

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chocolate Eclair Dessert

Chocolate Eclair Dessert |

Isn't it amazing that a simple dessert like Chocolate Eclair can bring back a flood of memories; some good and some well... some I'd like to forget. Three common ingredients, when put together and chilled can make anyone smile and will shoot almost every southern back to their roots.

I first remember falling in love with this dessert when I was a teenager. I went to a little country church (State Line as it literally sat on the state lines of VA and NC) with my high school boyfriend and that's where I fell in love with Chocolate Eclair!! It always seemed like we were eating at this church haha. We had so many lunches, dinners, friends & family meals; there was always food!

Chocolate Eclair Dessert |

There was a lady there named Launa that would make the most amazing dessert ever! She was so sweet and I just loved her; so of course there was no surprise when I found out that my beloved Chocolate Eclair at the church lunches was crafted by this wonderful woman! It was always the first dessert to go and if you didn't get a scoop when you went through to get your food then there was a very good chance that you were not going to get any! There was no "going back for dessert" if you wanted any of that Chocolate Eclair Dessert! 

Chocolate Eclair Dessert |

This was back before I was really into cooking so I never asked for the recipe or made it while I was going to that church. Years went on, life happened and I let the memory of the Chocolate Eclair Dessert fade away.

A few summers ago I was looking through some old recipes and saw one for "Chocolate Eclair Dessert". It sounded good so I decided to give it a try. I made it, let it chill and dug in. I remember thinking "wow this is good, I've never made this before but I feel like I've had it before" and BAM just like that I was transported back to that church fellowship hall and to that Chocolate Eclair Dessert! I was so excited haha.

Chocolate Eclair Dessert |

I had found this amazing and super simple dessert recipe that I had been in love with back when I was younger! I made it for our 4th of July dinner that year and everyone loved it! I remember that my sister in law loved it so much that she took some home and made me give her the recipe before she left that night haha.

I made it for Thanksgiving and I made it for Easter the following year; every time it hit the table it was the first dessert to go. (Just like the church lunches!)

Chocolate Eclair Dessert |

As always, things happen and life gets busy; the eclair slipped from my fingers and went to rest with all of the other recipes that have retired to the "been there, done that" pile.

But the other evening, my friend Nikki and I were walking in the park and she was telling me about a banana poke cake that she had made.

Chocolate Eclair Dessert |

Of course my brain when into over drive as she was telling me about this cake and all I could think about was "Chocolate and Banana....I should make one that's chocolate and banana!". Then I started thinking about how to make this Chocolate and Banana Poke cake and then my brain went to chocolate icing and then... and then my brain went to Chocolate Eclair Dessert!! I stopped in my tracks and exclaimed "Chocolate Eclair!! I need to make a Chocolate Eclair!" haha

Chocolate Eclair Dessert |

Nikki agreed with me that Chocolate Eclair is super amazing and that it needed to be made ASAP! She told me that her sister use to make it a lot but that she had never made it herself! "It's so super easy", I told her and went through the steps that would eventually create one of the most loved chocolate desserts ever! Nikki's birthday is coming up soon and I just might (ok I probably will) have to make one of these for her! :)

Chocolate Eclair Dessert |

I've seen some Chocolate Eclair Dessert made with cake, puff pastry and vanilla icing but that is NOT how I make my Chocolate Eclair Dessert!  I've also heard of people mixing the pudding with cool whip and while I've done that for other desserts, I didn't do that with this one. Although I bet it would be fantastic! I make Chocolate Eclair this way and this is how I remember Launa's Chocolate Eclair Dessert!

Chocolate Eclair Dessert |

So what do you need to make one of my favorite desserts? You'll need: graham crackers, vanilla pudding and chocolate icing! Oh and Sprinkles if you want it to be "decorative". That's it!

Now the Chocolate Eclair Dessert will need to sit for a few hours (I let mine sit overnight), so make sure to account for that!

Chocolate Eclair Dessert 
by: Angie Barrett 04/04/14                                                     (Click to Print)


2 boxes of graham crackers 
2 Large boxes of Vanilla Instant pudding
6 cups of milk
2 cans of chocolate icing 
Sprinkles *optional


In a large bowl, mix together the Vanilla Instant pudding mix and cold milk. Whisk until the pudding starts to thicken! 

In a 9 X 13 (or whatever size) dish, lay out a row of graham crackers. Cover the graham crackers in pudding. Lay down another layer of graham crackers and cover with the pudding. 

Continue to layer the graham crackers and pudding until you reach the top of the dish. Finish with a graham cracker layer. 

Heat the chocolate frosting so that it easy to pour but not completely liquid. (I normally stick my cans of frosting into the microwave for about 20 seconds.)

Spread the chocolate frosting over the top layer of graham crackers. 

Sprinkles with Sprinkles if desired. 

Refrigerate for 6-8 hours (or overnight) *Long enough for the graham crackers to become soft*


Chocolate Eclair Dessert |
I hope you love this as much as we do!!!

Chocolate Eclair Dessert |

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Spam Musubi - Hawaii Eats

Spam Musubi  - Hawaii Eats |

WAIT!!! Please don't run away!

I knew the moment I wanted to share this with ya'll that it would be one of those "um.... what the heck" recipes and a lot of people would turn their noses up and run before even looking at it! I knew that, but I still wanted to share it with you!

I know I haven't been posting a lot of recipes lately and I'm sorry. Life is too busy!  It's become WAY too busy and I'm having a really hard time juggling everything. I'm also kind of tired of feeling like I have to make the huge & complicated recipes for the blog.

I was starting to feel like in order for my blog to grow and in order to keep my readers I needed to only post "out of the box", creative, organic, clean eating, fresh, new recipes. I have to be honest though, I don't have the time or the energy to create, make, photograph and write up huge recipes with lots of steps and crazy flavor combos! I wish I did, but I don't.

Spam Musubi  - Hawaii Eats |

We're still eating pretty good at home, but really...who wants to see post after post of grilled chicken, grilled steaks or steamed veggies haha. Plus sometimes I eat leftovers a lot (like this week, I've been busy with work and working out and I've literally ate left over spaghetti for like 3 nights in a row) and boring foods like PB & Jelly sandwiches and Baked potatoes! I obviously can't blog about that.......What can I say. Sorry... Not sorry... :)

I'm just going to have to go back... back to simple, regular recipes! Desserts (oooo yes, I've got 2 EASY, amazing ones coming to the blog super soon), Simple Dinners and probably some snacks throw in there.

I want to make cupcakes, cookies, copycat meals, copycat desserts (swill roll cakes anyone?).... I want to make all of that and I haven't because I'm too worried about what my clean eating, make everything from scratch, organic family and friends will think. I WILL FEEL LIKE I HAVE FAILED!  :(

I still LOVE to eat healthy and clean BUT I need my comfort stuff (and NO I don't want to "clean up" all of my old favorites and turn them into gluten-free, paleo friendly, clean eating, almond meal, coconut oil treats. Sometimes I just wanna eat things they way I use to make them.. (Nothing wrong with that if you choose to make them better for you, I applaud you for being so awesome!)

Spam Musubi  - Hawaii Eats |

Easy, Simple, Normal (at least in HAWAII!!) That's why I'm sharing these Spam Musubi with you today!

I'd imagine that to most people "SPAM" is a "four letter dirty word". It was a "OMG EWWW" type of food to me for my entire life. I'm sorry but potted meat made my tummy turn and there was no way in hell I was going to even think about eating it.

Then my husband came along...he loved it. Spam and Eggs? Yep! Fried Spam Sandwich? Yep! But I didn't want anything to do with it. NO WAY! Until we started planning our trip to Honolulu that is.

Of course, since I'm in love with the food aspect of every place I visit, I wanted to know EVERYTHING about the local favorites before we got there. To my surprise (and horror), there was a little thing called "Spam Musubi" that seemed to be a local "must have". So I check it out online, I saw it in "Hawaii Food" Videos on youtube and read about it on Hawaii Travel blogs. It was everywhere.

However, I thought maybe it was just a "thing". Like the love of the Spam Musubi was just kind of being blown out of proportion. I was wrong. They're everywhere over there. We saw kids pulling them out of their bookbags on the bus after surfing, we saw them in the ABC stores, we saw them on menus and we even went to a little hole in the wall beside our hotel that pretty much only sold Spam Musubi and Boxed lunches. (That's where I got my little Spam Musubi Maker! Don't Judge me! haha)

Spam Musubi  - Hawaii Eats |

So now I hada problem....I'd made my mind up that I was going to "try local foods", immerse myself in the culture and do what the locals do.....and now there was SPAM. WHY, out of all the foods, what are you doing SPAM!?! Come on! But then I tried it. I bought one from the "hole in the wall" place and I tried it. It was ok. Then I bought another. It was pretty good.

I suppose It's the second or third Spam Musubi that sucks you in. After that 2nd or 3rd one you're pretty much addicted. I think we probably bought one (or two) each day we were there. Oops.

So when we got home, I had to recreate them. That's how my vacations work. haha I eat, I walk, I eat A LOT... I walk A LOT and then I come home and recreate the foods we loved!

Spam Musubi  - Hawaii Eats |

These are incredible easy to make and Big Bear said he actually liked these over the ones we had in Hawaii because mine don't have furikake sprinkled on them! I just liked the plain ones as well. 

Spam Musubi  - Hawaii Eats |

I made a bunch of these and individually wrapped them in plastic wrap so that Big Bear could just grab them from the fridge (warm them up) and snack on them or take some to work with him. 

Spam Musubi  - Hawaii Eats |

To make these you only need 4 things!

You'll need Spam, sushi rice, nori and soy sauce to make Spam Musubi! So Simple!

Spam Musubi  - Hawaii Eats |

Here is one I had when we were in Hawaii. It's cooked a bit more than the ones I made at home and the nori is not as thick on the Hawaiian one, but just play around with them when you make them to figure out which style you like the best! 

Ps. if you don't have Musubi Maker (or can't find one) just use your hands to shape the rice. 

This is how I make Spam Musubi. It's probably not the correct way or the true Hawaiian way but this is how I do it :)

Spam Musubi  - Hawaii Eats 
by: Angie Barrett 04/04/14                                                     (Click to Print)


1 can of SPAM
4 cups sushi rice (or white rice)
Soy Sauce
Nori Sheets


Cook rice according to package directions. Let cool slightly. 

Open SPAM and slice into strips. (I normally get about 10 or 12 out of 1 can depending on how thick I cut the strips).

Brush soy sauce onto SPAM slices. Heat a pan on medium - high heat and add spam slices. Fry until the edges of the SPAM are crispy. (I normally brush on a few extra layers of soy sauce onto each side while they're cooking)

Once they are done, remove them from the pan and set aside. 

Now it's time to assemble the Spam Musubi!

Lay a strip of nori onto a flat surface. Place the rectangle (the Musubi Maker) over the middle of the strip as if you were making a plus sign.

Pack the Musubi Maker half way full with rice. Use the top of the Musubi Maker to press the rice down into the mold. Add a slice of spam and press down with the top of the Musubi Maker.

Remove the Musubi Maker and wrap the nori around the rice and spam. (I use a little bit of water on the edges of the nori to help it stick!

Make about 10-12 Spam Musubi

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookie Charm is in the Shop!

I did it. I opened an Etsy Shop to sell my charms in.

I was very nervous to do it but I had a lot of encouraging words from everyone, so I figured I might as well give it a shot! What do I have to loose? Nothing really :)

I had been playing around with some different styles and colors for my chocolate chip cookie charm and I finally found a combination that I love. So last night I snapped a few pictures of the charm and went ahead and made a listing for it on Etsy.

My fingers are crossed big time for success. :)

I haven't found the perfect chain to go with it just yet so for now I'm just going to be selling the charms, but once I find some nice chains I may be selling them as full necklaces as well.

Other than that, I don't have much to report. I just wanted to let ya'll know that I did go ahead and set up a little shop. We will see how it does :)

Here is a link to the shop if you want to check it out:

Thank you for all of the support so far!!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mini Food Charms - A New Hobby and Maybe a New Business?

Mini Food Charms - A New Hobby and Maybe a New Business? |

I did something the other week that I haven't done in a while; I sat down with no distractions and I worked on an art project for myself. Not because I needed something for a blog or an article, not because someone else needed something made, not to make something for a holiday, but I did it for me because I needed a bit of time to breath and just create with no guidelines and no pressure.

What I got out of the night was a cute little chocolate chip cookie charm. :)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Charm  |

Yep, I am now kind of addicted to clay (again).

**because I obviously needed "one more thing" to be in love with haha**

Chocolate Chip Cookie Charm  |

I use to work with clay some when I was younger, mostly at my grandmother's house. I use to make all kinds of things with clay, I would even make little foods for my doll house, but they were never very detailed. Then as I got older, I just kind of grew out of it and stopped. I am certain I just moved onto whatever else was grabbing my attention, I did a lot of "bouncing around" when it came to arts and crafts as a kid because my obsessions changed daily. (I still do this and I feel so sorry for my poor husband haha)

So anyways, back to the charm. You see I made that Chocolate Chip Cookie charm and I posted it onto my Instagram and Facebook pages, well because that what people do ;)

People seemed to really like it. I thought to myself, "Well that's pretty cool. Maybe I could make some other things!" I started looking up videos online and watching them to get ideas and learn some techniques. After another trip to Hobby Lobby, I had all I needed to make Rainbow Lollipops!

So I did.

Rainbow Lollipop Charm  |

I loved them. And other people seemed to love them as well.

Rainbow Lollipop Charm  |

I know they're not perfect and I still need lots of practice but I'm pretty happy with them, for being my first time making them anyways. I still need to work on sizes and keeping my finger prints out of them (that's driving me bonkers)!!

Then I got a few messages from friends telling me to sell them.

Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Charm  |

After the rainbow lollipops, I made donuts! That's when the "love" really started showing for these little charms! On Instagram, I asked "If I decided to sell these, do you think anyone would buy them?" -- I got Instagram comments, Facebook messages and e-mails from people that loved them and wanted to buy them.

Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Charm  |

Whoa, I'm still practicing and learning how to make these charms but wow! YAY! YES! I would kind of love to sell these!

. That would be awesome! But where to start? I suppose I could set up an Etsy store. That's a start. But which ones would I sell? What should I name the shop? Will people really buy them?

Donut Charm  |

I have a billion questions running through my head. I think I may do it though. I love making these little charms and so far I've seen a great interest in them just by showing off my "practice" charms.

Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Charm  |

I have so many ideas for different charms! Ice cream (I've made a few of these for practice), ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, fruits, waffles, pancakes, cookies, more donuts, candy canes, candies, swiss rolls cakes, brownies.... the list goes on BUT I'd love any ideas that you have for me!

What else should I make? What should I charge for them?

Strawberry PopTart Charm  |

You're my friends, my readers, my support! I love your opinions and ideas!

Strawberry PopTart Charm  |

I should do this... right? Maybe?

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