Minnie Mouse Oreo Cookies

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A few weeks ago, My mom and I were able to go NC for Tara's Little girls birthday party.

Karter was turning 1! 

You see Tara use to work for my parents, she worked in the office for almost 10 years. She became like a second daughter to my dad and mom. When she got married a few years ago, Tara and her daughters moved to NC to live at a Military base where her husband was. 

This year was their daughter's first birthday. 

Jon is overseas. :(

When we were at the party, they were able to bring Jon up on the webcam, so that he could be a part of his little girls birthday! He got to sing Happy Birthday to her and watch her blow out her candle and eat....play in cake. haha.

Her theme was Minnie Mouse. 

I wanted to help make this birthday even more special for Miss Karter, and since I love making stuff for parties, I offered to help with some of the food.

I've got Minnie Mouse Oreo Cookies for you :)

Minnie Mouse Oreo Cookies

Makes 25

(Printable Recipe Here)

25 Oreos (or a cookies like them)
25 Mini Oreos
Vanilla Icing
Red Melting Chocolate

What to do:

Twist and pull part each Oreo Cookie. Separate the Large and Small Oreos.

Each Mouse will have a total of 1 large Oreo and 1 small Oreo.

Take half of a large Oreo and add 2 small Oreo halves to the top for the ears. Add a dab of icing to the center of the Oreo, and place the other half of the Large Oreo on top.  Hope that made sense.

(Looking at the pictures should give you an idea of what to do)

For the bows, I just put the melted red chocolate into a plastic bag and piped little bows onto wax paper. Let them cool and then peel them off, attach them to the Oreos with a dab of the melted chocolate. 

For Mickey Mouse, Just don't add the bows :)