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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks @bigbearswife

Back in September, Maria (Two Peas and Their Pod) posted the most adorable 1st Birthday pictures of her son, Caleb, on her blog. Along with those photos, she posted a recipe for Chocolate Icebox Cupcakes; a cute "cupcake" of chocolate cookies, icing and colorful sprinkles. I loved them! Then last week, Maria posted these festive Ginger Icebox Cupcakes with these tiny, itty bitty gingerbread man sprinkles! I saw those sprinkles in Target the other week! I knew I should have grabbed them!

I wanted to try these IceBox Cupcakes! But, I'm not a very good planner. When I decided that I was really going to make them, I was standing in the cookie aisle. And my thought processes went like this, "Ooo cookies, Ooo I should get these Reese Chocolate Chip cookies for BigBear, oooo I should make something with these, ahh I need to make those Icebox Cupcakes!"

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks @bigbearswife

And because I was standing in the store and because I'm impatient, I just improvised and kind of guessed at what she used in her IceBox Cupcakes because I couldn't really remember. So I'd like to think that these Cookie Stacks of mine are more inspired by Maria's Icebox Cupcakes, since I ...well... since I kinda just used the image of the cupcakes I had in my head to buy the ingredients. haha. (Maria, if you ever read this, I'm sure your Cupcakes are AMAZING and I promise I'll be trying them with the correct directions soon!)

For now these are my take on the "IceBox Cupcakes". I used the Soft and Chewy Reese Chips Ahoy cookies and Pillsbury green icing with the Christmas tree and red berry sprinkles. That's it.
:) I'm already thinking of all of the cookie, sprinkle and icing combos that I can do!

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks @bigbearswife

The cookies that I used where already soft and chewy, so there was no need to refrigerate them so that the icing would make the cookies soft. If you do want to make "IceBox" cookies with regular hardish cookies, I suggest using Maria's recipe for icing/cream in the links above. But if you're going to use any type of soft batch or chewy cookie, regular frosting is fine.

I assembled these cookie stacks in cupcake liners, I think they just give it a cute presentation.  To assemble the cookie stacks, place one cookie into the bottom of a cupcake liner. Pipe frosting on top of the cookie. Place another cookie on top  Top that cookie with icing, top that with another cookie and so on until you've made as many layers as you'd like. I did four cookies for mine, but you could also do less. (or more lol)

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks @bigbearswife

Once you've iced all of the layers, top with decorative sprinkles.

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks @bigbearswife

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks @bigbearswife


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