Mini Food Charms - A New Hobby and Maybe a New Business?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mini Food Charms - A New Hobby and Maybe a New Business? |

I did something the other week that I haven't done in a while; I sat down with no distractions and I worked on an art project for myself. Not because I needed something for a blog or an article, not because someone else needed something made, not to make something for a holiday, but I did it for me because I needed a bit of time to breath and just create with no guidelines and no pressure.

What I got out of the night was a cute little chocolate chip cookie charm. :)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Charm  |

Yep, I am now kind of addicted to clay (again).

**because I obviously needed "one more thing" to be in love with haha**

Chocolate Chip Cookie Charm  |

I use to work with clay some when I was younger, mostly at my grandmother's house. I use to make all kinds of things with clay, I would even make little foods for my doll house, but they were never very detailed. Then as I got older, I just kind of grew out of it and stopped. I am certain I just moved onto whatever else was grabbing my attention, I did a lot of "bouncing around" when it came to arts and crafts as a kid because my obsessions changed daily. (I still do this and I feel so sorry for my poor husband haha)

So anyways, back to the charm. You see I made that Chocolate Chip Cookie charm and I posted it onto my Instagram and Facebook pages, well because that what people do ;)

People seemed to really like it. I thought to myself, "Well that's pretty cool. Maybe I could make some other things!" I started looking up videos online and watching them to get ideas and learn some techniques. After another trip to Hobby Lobby, I had all I needed to make Rainbow Lollipops!

So I did.

Rainbow Lollipop Charm  |

I loved them. And other people seemed to love them as well.

Rainbow Lollipop Charm  |

I know they're not perfect and I still need lots of practice but I'm pretty happy with them, for being my first time making them anyways. I still need to work on sizes and keeping my finger prints out of them (that's driving me bonkers)!!

Then I got a few messages from friends telling me to sell them.

Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Charm  |

After the rainbow lollipops, I made donuts! That's when the "love" really started showing for these little charms! On Instagram, I asked "If I decided to sell these, do you think anyone would buy them?" -- I got Instagram comments, Facebook messages and e-mails from people that loved them and wanted to buy them.

Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Charm  |

Whoa, I'm still practicing and learning how to make these charms but wow! YAY! YES! I would kind of love to sell these!

. That would be awesome! But where to start? I suppose I could set up an Etsy store. That's a start. But which ones would I sell? What should I name the shop? Will people really buy them?

Donut Charm  |

I have a billion questions running through my head. I think I may do it though. I love making these little charms and so far I've seen a great interest in them just by showing off my "practice" charms.

Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Charm  |

I have so many ideas for different charms! Ice cream (I've made a few of these for practice), ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, fruits, waffles, pancakes, cookies, more donuts, candy canes, candies, swiss rolls cakes, brownies.... the list goes on BUT I'd love any ideas that you have for me!

What else should I make? What should I charge for them?

Strawberry PopTart Charm  |

You're my friends, my readers, my support! I love your opinions and ideas!

Strawberry PopTart Charm  |

I should do this... right? Maybe?