Earth Day 2011--Box Notepads

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011--Box Notepads

Today is Earth Day! (Friday 22nd, 2011) :) I've been looking through a lot of blogs for inspiration lately, and a lot of them had some really nice crafts for Earth Day.

The Post here is going to be a "Recycle Theme" Project :)

Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative made some of the cutest Cereal BoxNotepads! I love notebooks, notepads, and always have one in my purse, so I figured I'd make one for myself. So I made a Cran-Grape Ocean Spray Notebook and I love it! :)

Mine is no were as perfect as hers, but for my lack of patience and the right tools for cutting the paper straight, I think I did ok :)

I plan on making more, when I can use the cutter at work to cut the paper and cardboard, my scissors worked ok, but not how I wanted them to. :)

I'm thinking I might made 1 or 2 with coloring sheets for my niece!

What you need:

Cardboard Boxes (Cereal Boxes, Jello Boxes, Mac and Cheese Boxes, whatever kind of boxes you have on hand)
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Large Popsicle sticks
Large Binder Clips
Notebook paper or index cards

What to do:

Start by deciding on your box. I chose a Cran-Grape Drink Packet box and a Jello Box. Now Cut out from the box, the front and back of your notebook. (Whatever size you'd like)

Cut notebook paper or plain paper to the same size that you cut your front and back covers. I used an old notebook and cut paper from that.

Sandwich the paper in between your two cardboard covers. Line everything up evenly.

Now get your Large Popsicle sticks place one on the front and one on the back back of your notepad and secure the large binder clips on top. I used two on mine since they were such small notepads.

Now, remove one of the binder clips and apply an even coat Mod Podge on the edge that you want to be the seam. I made the side the seam on my cran-grape notebook and the top the seam on my Jello notebook.

Replace the Binder Clip.

Remove the 2nd binder clip and apply an even coat Mod Podge on the edge.

Replace the Binder Clip.

Let it dry. (maybe 5 minutes)

Repeat the process a few more time. I think I gave mine about 5 layers.

Let it dry over night.

Remove the 2 binder clips and Popsicle sticks.

Now you have a unique and cute personal notebook.