Snowmen Oreos

Thursday, December 8, 2011

 {  Snowmen Oreos }

Chocolate Covered Oreos ... they can be fun, elegant, and festive.

Some stores even sale OREO chocolate molds so that OREOS can have all kinds of designs on them. Well those are really awesome, but I have a cute design for you that doesn't require any type of mold.

Here are some Snowmen Oreos that I made last year and wanted to share :)

Snowmen Oreos

What you need:

1 package Oreos
Melting Chocolates

What to do:

Melt your white chocolate. Dip your Oreo's one at a time into the white chocolate. Lay on wax paper.

Once Hardened, dip top half into melted red chocolate for the hat.

Add Details with milk chocolate and orange :)

 Let them rest for about 10 minutes to harden.