Red White and Blue Mason Jars

Monday, May 28, 2012

{  Red White and Blue Mason Jars }

If I have the time and money, I'd throw a party for everything! Cookouts, Birthdays, Holidays, baby shower, wedding showers, if there is a reason to get together, I want to make everything perfect. Every little detail matters!

I made these cute mason jars for our drinks for our Memorial day weekend. I'm planning on using these all summer, not just on patriotic holidays. I love anything that is red, white and blue. Makes my heart happy. :)

Oh and plus, Some of these have chalkboard labels so if you wanted to make them personal with someone's name for the party you could. You could either use real chalk (which will rub off), or if you're looking for more of a permanent label you could use chalk paint. I think either way, they are super cute!

(Printable Instructions Here) 

Red White and Blue Mason Jars
Red White and Blue Mason Jars
  • Mason Jars
  • Red Acrylic Paint
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Blue Acrylic Paint
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • 1 Craft Sponge, cut into 3 pieces
  • 1 foam brush
  • Chalk


Clean mason jars and let dry.
Starting at the bottom for the jar. Blot a ring of blue paint around the lower section  of the jarwith the sponge. Let Dry.
Next blot a ring of white paint around the middle section of the jar with the sponge. Let Dry.
Then blot a ring of red paint around the lower section  of the jar with the sponge. Let Dry **DO NOT paint on the rim or lip of the jar, do not paint where your mouth will touch the  glass** 
For the chalkboard label. Paint a oval or square onto the front of the jar, with the chalkboard paint. Should take 2 coats to cover. Let Dry.