Brookside Chocolate Tasting Kit

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

& a Brookside Chocolate Tasting Kit Giveaway for you!

There are so many people out there that say they LOVE chocolate. They say they are chocoholics and obsessed with the stuff. I don't know if I fall into that category or not. I mean I do love chocolate, but I'm kind of picky. I can't pick up a block of chocolate and just nibble on it. It makes my teeth feel weird. I also don't do chocolate with crispy rice in it. I like milk chocolate, ooo I love milk chocolate. But I like it with peanut butter, peanuts and almonds. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate, or I guess I should now say that I wasn't a fan of dark chocolate until recently. So maybe I'm just a chocolate lover, and not a crazed Chocoholic?!

A few weeks ago I got a package from Brookside; a chocolate tasting kit! I had my first taste of Brookside Chocolate when I was at Mixed back in November and I really liked it, but oh this tasting kit just took it a step further.

I want to tell you about everything in the Tasting Kit, but I want to pause for a second to tell you why I am converting to the darkside (the darkside of chocolate that is) The chocolates from Brookside!

My personal FAVORITE are the Brookside® Dark Chocolate Açai with Blueberry chocolate bites. I've never even been a huge lover of blueberries, but something about those two flavors together make me melt. BigBear surprisingly really liked these too! He also liked the Brookside® Dark Chocolate Pomegranate. I thought they were pretty good too, but not as good as my beloved Blueberry Bites! Something about the rich chocolate and then burst of fruit juice goodness, just made me love them.

My mom, Dad and brother loved the Brookside® Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry chocolate bites, so I sent those home with them to share!

My Tasking kit also came with a Stainless Steel Server, a nice white Cheese Grip Board and 2 Stemless Wine Glasses! So I went out with BigBear and we picked out a few of our favorite cheeses and a bottle of wine to taste with our new chocolates. OK so the bottle of wine was for me, we all know he doesn't drink wine haha.

The Hoop Cheese (back left), the blueberry chocolates and the grapes were my favorite combination, while the Smoked Gouda (front left)and Pomegranate Bites where BigBear's favorite!

Isn't this little Stainless Steel Server the cutest!?!

My package also included this bright green dual-grip headband and  Subscription for Fitness Magazine! Because we all know what my goal is! Ok, maybe some of you don't know what my goal is, but my goal for 2013 is to get back down to my 2006 weight and a size 7/8 in jeans! Why that size? Because that's the size I was when I went to Hawaii in 2006. My dad made a deal with me, if I can get back down to that size he's taking up to Hawaii for Christmas 2013. Holy Smokes. We're gonna see if I can make that happen. (Might be a long shot, but we'll see)

So let me get on to this lovely giveaway I have for you. :) Brookside is offering to send one of you the exact same Tasting Kit that I received!!

My Brookside Tasting Kit included:

  •          1 pkg. Brookside® Dark Chocolate Pomegranate
  •          1 pkg. Brookside® Dark Chocolate Açai with Blueberry
  •          1 pkg. Brookside® Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry
  •          3 serving bowls with a central loop handle (each bowl is an 8 oz. well)
  •          Stainless Steel Server
  •          Cheese Grip Board
  •          2 Stemless Wine Glasses
  •          Grocery Gift Card ($30)
  •          Subscription for Fitness Magazine
  •          Gaiam® Exercise Headband

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Winner must be a US Resident. Brookside did provide me with a Tasting Kit and did provide a Tasting Kit for 1 (one) winner. All opinions are my own :) As always :)