Chocolate Berry Granola Parfaits #SundaySupper

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chocolate Berry Granola Parfaits @bigbearswife

I admit that I'm not a breakfast person. Brunch is more of my thing. It's later in the day so that works out for me. I don't like to get up early and I just don't want to eat that early in the morning.

Chocolate Berry Granola Parfaits @bigbearswife

 Not to mention that during the week I barely make it out of the door on time, so breakfast isn't happening.

On the weekend, BigBear normally makes breakfast. Except when he has to work. Then I'm on my own.

Normally it's cereal; that's my go to breakfast when I'm only fixing it for myself. It's easy, it's good. I'm content with it.

But sometimes I go a little wild and crazy... and make parfaits. I know... I'm a rebel. What can I say....haha.

Chocolate Berry Granola Parfaits @bigbearswife

I fell in love with parfaits when we lived in Jacksonville  I was actually kinda of addicted to them and would  walk to McDonalds on my lunch breaks to get them. haha. But making them at home is even better.

I found this Organic Chocolate Berry Granola at Aldi the other day and knew it would be perfect for my parfaits.

Chocolate Berry Granola Parfaits @bigbearswife

I paired it with the Vanilla Fat Free yogurt and topped it with a few of the dark chocolate and berries from the granola.

Chocolate Berry Granola Parfaits @bigbearswife

Pretty and Yummy. Plus it's not bad for you :)

Chocolate Berry Granola Parfaits @bigbearswife

And technically this could be breakfast, brunch or dessert. Even better :).

(Printable Recipe Here)
Chocolate Berry Granola Parfaits


Dark Chocolate & Berry Granola

Vanilla Yogurt (Regular or Fat Free)


Add a layer of Dark Chocolate & Berry Granola to a glass or mini trifle bowl. Top with a layer of Vanilla Yogurt. Add another Layer of Dark Chocolate & Berry Granola and top with a layer of Vanilla Yogurt. Continue alternating layers until glass is full. Finish with  a layer of Vanilla Yogurt. 

Garnish with a few chocolate pieces and berries from the granola.

Chocolate Berry Granola Parfaits @bigbearswife
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